Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Today I:

  • had a whole wheat bagel with fake cream cheese and nutritional yeast with a cup of white tea
  • am having a terrible lunch

Since this new diet regime began I have been rather obsessed with eating things in their proper order - leftovers before frozen burritos, etc. Today I brought a pasta salad dish for lunch under the mistaken belief that it should be eaten up posthaste, lest it rot away in my refrigerator.

I was wrong. The pasta salad did need to be eaten. It needed to be tossed out. Not because it was going bad, because in my opinion, it was already bad. I had somehow forgotten that I've hated practically every pasta salad I have ever met. Even microwaving it did not help. *

So I am having a banana, 1/4 of a jicama root, a bag of Fritos and possibly, just possibly, the dark chocolate bar I bought for my Secret Pal yesterday that I found in my purse. Because it turns out it is vegan. And I am hungry, and very, very bad.

Here is some cuteness to offset my badness:

last night, I:

  • made myself a seitan stir fry on a bun for dinner
  • ate a salad with it
  • drank a glass of merlot (whoops!)
  • got really wild after that by watching The Cat and the Canary and...went to bed early

*Don't look at me like that. This office is really, really cold!

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