Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Endless Projects

Today I:

  • had white tea for breakfast
  • am having veggie sushi, a bag of Fritos, and a banana for lunch
  • have had a lot of tea
  • am posting twice!
I've taken down the wallpaper until I figure out how to make this blog readable on every system with it up. Until then... I hate my header. *sigh*

This is a razor back striped tank top from IK Fall 2002, except I am leaving out the stripes. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece - it's wonderfully resilient and squishy, reminding me strongly of that colored craft foam kids cut up into letters and animals, etc. - in an aqua color that is not done justice in this photograph. Everything is perfect for this project: the yarn, the pattern, the color. Except.

I am knitting this up on eight 3.5mm (Us #4) bamboo dpns, the extra two I have just hanging about, waiting for emergencies. (This project would probably be easier on circulars, but we won't get into that.) So it's slow going because of the gauge and the needle switch-overs every 20s or so. I have this horrible feeling that diligently plugging away at this tank top will get it done sometime this winter when there's 3 ft of snow outside.

Speaking of winter

I started the red alpaca scarf I've been planning since last year as a X-mas present for one of my sisters. Why now? you ask. Well, I bought that yarn for my mom's X-mas present, which is basically the same idea, and I was itching to get started on it. However, not having a winder or a swift, I was not particularly eager to wind it into a ball.* Fortunately I remembered I had wound two skeins of red alpaca into balls during a Knit 'n Sip. Same project, different color and recipient, why not?

Probably because this project is also tedious. (K1, P1) repeat ad infinitum.

Yesterday, I:

  • had soy yogurt for breakfast with white tea
  • ate two bean and rice burritos for lunch
  • drank a lot of tea
  • ate a bowl of borsch for dinner
  • had another burrito for Second Dinner
  • drank a beer
  • watched Casablanca (Conrad Veidt!)
  • started reading about Trulli

*If I am going to wind anything into a ball, it should be that skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn that is hanging off the back of my chair in cat-harassed tangles. But let's not get into that, either.

Another Art Deco facade I see on the way to work.


Jeanette said...

Sorry that your tank is so tedious. Did you enjoy Conrad, I mean Casablanca? One last question, where were you this morning, we waited about 5 minutes, but you were a no show.

Christine said...

This morning? I don't know what you're talking about. Isn't this Monday?

Lissy said...

Bwahahahaha! Somewhere in the universe, it IS Monday, hon!

I think I watched a remake of Casablanca today -- it was a clip from The View. Star Jones announced that she was leaving and Joyce Behar, the coworker who hates her the most, kept saying "I'm SHOCKED!" This reminded me of the police guy in Casablanca who said "I'm SHOCKED, SHOCKED to find gambling going on here." Behar still had the blood on her hands from plunging the knife in formerly fat now freakishly skinny Star's back. HEEEEEE.

Carrie K said...

Sorry your tank is so tedious too. And why aren't you switching to circs? Just being generally nosy.

Casablanca sounds lovely. I haven't seen it in ages, and I know I've never fully appreciated Conrad's performance in it.

arianna said...

YES! I've been meaning to say, that WAS me! Wow -- how in the world did you recognize me?! I am impressed. :) I was wondering how long it would take for us to encounter each other in REAL life, as we do live in the same neighborhood.

I just recently decided to give up my Thursday nights of (yarn-)spinning class; I keep thinking I might drop by an upcoming SNB at the Beanstock sometime to make up for it. Perhaps we will actually MEET sometime soon, too! That would be lovely.

Your projects look fantastic, I must also add. I am so jealous of your skills. But also terribly impressed, of course (that goes hand in hand)!

bradyphrenia said...

wow you are one adventurous soul. that's a crapload of dpns.

btw, thanks for the book review. i have not yet made it all the way through mostly harmless myself. i would highly recommend not reading all five books in the hitch hiker's "trilogy" consecutively. i got burned out.

PS: i couldn't help myself with the patriotic avatar. almost as funny as full pirate regalia.