Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One Sock Down

Today I:

  • had a whole wheat bagel with fake cream cheese and nutritional yeast for breakfast
  • had a banana for Second Breakfast
  • am eating microwave veggie chili (the cornbread has milk and yogurt, but I am hungry)
  • am drinking Earl Grey

That's right, I ate the cornbread. This morning's banana was rather small, so I did not have the strength to resist the cornbread's alluring yellow fluffiness.


Sunday night I finished my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot's first sock and cast on for the second sock. (Something, mind you, which has nothing whatsoever to do with lapse in fiction posts lately. I always knit while I write, unless I'm crocheting.)


I have solved my left-leaning decrease dilemma by alternating decrease rows. I have learned that this is what "normal" people do when knitting socks, and it looks like there's a reason for it. I've learned my lesson. Until next time.

Yesterday, I:

  • had a bagel with fake cream cheese and nutritional yeast for breakfast with a cup of white tea
  • had a banana for Second Breakfast
  • ate a vegan meatloaf microwave meal for lunch with a bag of Fritos
  • had leftover veggie soup for dinner with a salad of spinach, heart of palms, mung bean sprouts, and shredded red cabbage
  • ate a whole lot of chips with guacamole
  • had a cup of raspberry sorbet
  • watched If Only and Saving Face

1 comment:

arianna said...

ah, did you love Saving Face as much as i did? i thought it was great. i actually just saw it this past weekend, too. how strange.