Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh! Yeah... I guess I draw, too.

Today I:

  • had a half a whole wheat English muffin with nutritional yeast and fake cream cheese with a cup of white tea for breakfast
  • had a plain bagel with fake cream cheese for Second Breakfast
  • am eating left over stir-fry for lunch

I was perusing whip up yesterday afternoon when I came across this woman's blog. I immediately became so jealous I nearly went blind inspired and had to run home and draw something myself. You see, some would say I was an artist.

Okay, I would say I was an artist. Not a very determined one. But I used colored pencils, and I still have them. Lots of them. My pencil sharpener, however, has apparently gone AWOL. I turned the apartment over looking for it, but to no avail. I was so frustrated that I almost didn't draw anything.

But I did. Behold! The Teapot.

Hardly fish coming out a Japanese school girl's belly, but everybody has different muses. I drew it on a paper bag. See?
Then I spent all night unclogging the sink. Yay.

Drawing this has made me realize several things:

  • I am simultaneously arrogant and insecure in the area of art
  • I typically draw once or twice a year (I am soo rusty!)
  • I need another pencil sharpener (This has been an ongoing problem)
  • I love paper bags, even if they're not quite archival quality paper
  • maybe I should draw some more

Last night, I:

  • dealt with plumbing, of course
  • had Asian Fusion take out
  • drank a Corona with a slice of lime


bitterknitter said...

Won't your landlord get somebody else to unclog the sink?

Pretty teapot.

bitterknitter said...

I can't wait to see what exciting graphic goes in the circle!

Carrie K said...

I am in awe of your teapot. I lack even the most rudimentary art skills.

Paper bags are an underutilized canvas.

Your breakfast sounds revolting. Fake cream cheese? Yeah, I judge. Even though I had brownies and then a bowl of lentils myself.

SP8 said...

Fake cream cheese isn't too bad- and very useful for vegan cheesecake. I'd never eat fake cheese again (ugh) but I rather like the Tofutti fake sour cream.

wenders said...

LOVE the tea pot. Wow. I can draw a stick figure. That's about it.

Jeanette said...

Love the way your teapot looks. So 3 dimensional and lifelike. I also like how you got it to shine and reflect the light.

Lissy said...

I LOVE the teapot. If you want to sell that drawing as a set with the yellow teacup, let me know. I would have Gary frame them for me. When you come to my house, you can admire my collection of books about tea.

Also, I'm glad you like Corona with lime, since that's what I'm serving tomorrow night.