Monday, June 12, 2006

SP8 package

Today I:

  • had two organic vegan TOASTER WAFFLES for breakfast with organic maple syrup (words can barely express my feelings about this) with a cup of white tea
  • wished my boyfriend / partner/ whatnot a happy birthday
  • did not give him the socks, but he's tried one on already (appropriate expression of appreciation on his face)
  • drank two cups of green tea
  • ate a very small banana for Second Breakfast
  • had two bean and rice burritos for lunch
  • am obssessing over Conrad Veidt

SP8 Package Here!
It arrived Saturday, well ahead of my SP8's ETA.

Everything about this package is perfect. My SP8 must have bizarre psychic powers, because usually it is so hard to find a gift for me that relatives just give me money instead. She sent me a tin of crystallized ginger (I didn't even know I liked this, but the tin is already half empty), a bar of bittersweet dark chocolate (also half gone), a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in a deep red/black colorway, and two sets of 3.00 mm dpns.

I am especially happy to see the dpns. The past week has been filled with anguish over 3.00 mm dpns*, since that is the size my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot's socks are begin knit up on, and I gave my aluminum 3.00 mm's to Wenders in a fit of loathing. (Loathing the aluminum, not Wenders. I suppose if she didn't like aluminum dpns, it might be a mean thing to do.) That left me with one set of 3.00 bamboo dpns. Which means I could not cast on more socks on 3.00 mm dpns, and I dearly wanted to. Now I have more socks on 3.00 mm dpns and my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot's socks are... well, not going as fast as before.

I have never used Cherry Tree Hill yarn, but it looks good, and it feels good. I have put it in my sock queue and may be able to knit something up with it some time in 2010. Maybe even 2009. (Don't ask me how many socks I have planned, or on the needles: you don't want to know.)

I get a kick out of little things, so I spent as much time being excited by the chocolate tissue paper as anything else. Where does one get chocolate tissue paper? I am keeping this stuff. I can also use the ginger tin to hold buttons. I don't mind ginger-smelling buttons at all. The card was knifty and the box amused me. I'm going to reuse the box**, so I can't tell you why it was funny just yet.

So, Saturday was a striking contrast to Friday's moodiness and self-doubt, even though it began with a 20 min. walk/jog well before 7 am. I am terribly out of shape. I thought the walk/jog would turn my entire day into a wasteland of fatigue and crankiness, but that wasn't the case. I had more energy for the rest of the day, and since I got up so early, I had a lot of day.

Yesterday, I:

  • had toaster waffles for breakfast with tea
  • ate baked tater tots for Second Breakfast
  • made seaweed salad and ate quite a bit of it
  • ate some regular salad, too
  • had a tofu dog on bread for lunch
  • ate a bean and rice burrito
  • dug into the chocolate and the ginger
  • drank a lot of tea
  • knit
  • read Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

*The spell checker tried to make "dpn" be "doping". Heh. That's one perspective.

**Am I cheap? Thrifty? Pragmatic? I like to think pragmatic. And the box is funny.

I see this circle bicycle everywhere lately. Well, everywhere I go, which isn't far, since I don't drive. All I can think is that they're selling rides on this around Fanueil Hall, because it's hard enough to get that many friends together for a drink, much a less a spin around the block in downtown Boston traffic on a bike.


SP8 said...

I'm glad you enjoy all of it so much! And the box... well I was worried that they'd smush it and then your chocolate bar would no longer be one whole perfect piece of dark organic chocolate. I would be sad if it didn't arrive intact.

Jeanette said...

Yay for Secret Pals. Sounds like a fun package!

Jennifer said...

I've heard good things about CTH! Enjoy the package. What fun!

wenders said...

That does sound lovely. AND, if you EVER need alum needles, I'm your gal.

Jeanette said...

I haven't seen those bike things yet. I will have to keep my eyes open for them.

Lissy said...

I am making CTH socks right now, so if you want, you can pet mine as a prelude to your romance with your own. :) congrats on your foray into exercise. I'm getting that same kind of pleasant surprise about it -- it makes me feel better!