Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Warning: Complaints Below

Today I:
  • had a whole wheat bagel with fake cream cheese and nutritional yeast with white tea for breakfast
  • am having a bean and rice burrito, a banana, and seaweed salad for lunch
  • am being tortured by my shoes

Aren't these shoes cute? I got them for $5 at Goodwill on Saturday, along with a whole slew of stuff I haven't photographed yet.

I really like these shoes. However, they do not like me. I needed three bandages before I got to work, and then had to put on two more an hour ago. Perhaps I should just stick to my Docs, eh?

Since I'm complaining, I may as well mention that it is 72 degrees Fahrenheit outside, bright and sunny, and at my desk I have a heater blasting air onto my legs. Because I am freezing. Open plan offices are a really bad idea where HVAC is concerned. In theory, we should all be gettign the same environment, but in practice, we don't. (Praxis, eh?) I have two large metal ducts hanging over me, blasting me with chilled air. And I left my blankie at home.

Last night, I:

  • took my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot out to Cafe Algiers for dinner
  • ate some falafel balls, pita bread, fries and salad
  • drank some herbal flower tea (name escapes me; it was pink/burgundy, tho')
  • ate more chocolate
  • drank mineral water
  • knit stuff I am going to rip out


bitterknitter said...

Those are cute shoes...too bad about your feet though.

Jeanette said...

Cute shoes, perhaps you can redeem them by keeping them at work and wearing your docs to walk to/from. Sorry about the upcoming ripping, and VERY sorry about your being in a refrigerator

Lissy said...

Since you are in the know as an architect, maybe you can answer a question that has always burned in my brain whenever I see that abbreviation: WTF is HVAC? Enquiring purple-wearing knitters want to know.

Titine24 said...

I love those shoes!!! They go with your skirt really well, too.
Maybe you can remove them while you are sitting at your desk. My twin and I had a pair of cream leather slip ons in college which were about 1/2 size too small, but beautiful. We called them our "vanitas" shoes, because it was empty vanity, but we wore them anyway, even after the heels of the shoes cut into the heels of our feet. Then we felt like one of Cinderella's step-sisters... but we still wore them.

Christine said...

Well, I'm not an architect yet, but it's the acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.