Friday, June 23, 2006

Today I:
  • added wallpaper to the blog. You like?
  • had a plain bagel with fake cream cheese with a cup of white tea for breakfast
  • then proceeded to have a cup of darjeeling and a mint tea for Second Breakfast
  • hope I don't forget about the banana in my filing cabinet
  • am having salad with a bag of kettle chips for lunch
  • am feeling somewhat chipper

Thank you everyone for your comforting comments about my do. I am now in that somewhat easier head space where I think that only 50% of the people who stare at me are doing it because of my hair, rather than 99.9%. (The other 50% think I am devastatingly attractive. Or just really short.)

This is where I get stared at the most: The Morning Commute.

I am going against this flow of traffic, by the way. I go against it on the way home as well. (Perhaps this accounts for the stares?) For those of you not familiar with Boston, that imposing facade in the background is South Station, where all of these people catch trains, buses, etc. Me? I'm just passing through. It's the most direct route to work from my apartment and vice versa.

Jeanette gave me some very striking advice at the last S'nB about what to do about my new do woes, advice that will live forever in my memory. It truly was the solution to all problems, except the financial. So I followed it.

I went yarn shopping. Red Sockotta, of course. Because yarn for 20+ socks is not enough. I need more.
Light blue Catalina alpaca/silk for my mom's 2006 X-mas present. The violet is finally blooming, so it got included for effect. Not everything is all cats, all the time at Crisis of Praxis. I have houseplants, and they are cute, too.

I also bought yarn for my Top Secret Secret Pal 8 Project #3, but I can't show you that. Rest assured, it is awesome.

Last night, I:
  • went to Windsor Button
  • had a veggie burger on a bagel for dinner
  • knit while watching King Kong
  • drank a lot of mineral water
  • had money forced on me by my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot for an A/C unit


Jeanette said...

I like new wall paper. Always glad that my advice helps out ;-)

Christine said...

BTW, I let moonpunter's flagrantly self-promoting and some what rude comment go through in the interest of free speech. Also, que the fuck? as my Puerto Rican pal used to say. This will be something to talk about.

Christine said...

Moonpunter: Are you just hanging out on my blog, or are you reading the comments I'm leaving on yours? It makes a difference in this conversation.

Carrie K said...

I think moonpunter is used to one sided conversations. But that's just a hunch.

They're staring at you for your devastating attractiveness & because you're going against traffic.

I like the new wallpaper. Very architectural.

Jeanettes's advice is so profound, so true on so many levels, I feel the need to visit my LYS. As a precautionary measure.

SP8 Pal said...

I think what Moonpunter was not-so-eloquantly trying to say is that the wallpaper obscures the text in his/her web browser. I likewise cannot really see it in Safari.

Lissy said...

Me no see wallpaper. I like Jeanette's advice about your hair. I think that advice covers just about any problem or dilemma.

Really, hon, you look fine, cute, normal and non-alien. So just knit some and have some more tea. You're fine! ;)

Kelly said...

Like the new wallpaper. Also, that is a lot of people you see on the way to work. My morning commute is nothing like that.

P. H. M. said...

Umm. My apologies for any confusion. This guy has been stalking me for years. Seriously. His name is Patrick Dilloway. Pass the word wide and far. I'm going to kill him, I think, but make it look like self-defense. He doesn't want to stop any other way.

Christine said...

I have deleted moonpunter's self-promotion because I followed more comments he's left on other blogs. He's almost universally rude and pointless, so I have given him my little moderation smackdown.