Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Do

Today I:
  • am becoming reconciled to my hair do
  • had toaster waffle with maple syrup and white tea for breakfast
  • am having two bean and rice burritos for lunch
  • am probably going to add a banana to that

The New Do (and the associated trauma) has caused me to review some of my past hairstyles this week. Particularly the short ones.

Sweet Sixteen and having a party by myself because my mom forgot (Mom, it's true!):

Eighteen and all about the black and the red (with horrible glasses!):
Twenty and bleached out (stuffing my face; still have horrible glasses):
My haircut this winter (The glasses I liked! They broke!):
Followed by a chop in the Spring (the standby transistion shades):
And now this (transition shades now deeply dug in. I wear sunglasses at night.):

This haircut did not come out as expected. I won't go into all the details... Let's just say, I was so upset Tuesday evening after the chop that I called in sick to work. I sat at home, knitting, fretting, and waxing nostalgic about better haircuts I've had, including a mohawk type thing I had in high school. Oh, and the pink hair.

This haircut dances dangerously along the edge of Old Lady Perm Hair and 1970's bobs. Not a 1920's bob. Not at all. Notice the forced smile?

But it will grow, right? Yikes.

Last night, I:

  • finished a secret SP8 project
  • finished the boyfriend socks (pics soon!)
  • had two bags of chips and soy steamer at S'nB
  • tried not to think about my hair


Jeanette said...

Nice hair retrospective. I too had a pair of the awful glasses that take up one's entire face before. What were we thinking?

Kelly said...

Not really knowing your or seeing you in person. I really think your hair cut is cute. Kind of mod, but really you are probably the best judge. My hair gets really wavy in when its short, so I straight iron it, helping it bob more.

wenders said...

I disagree - I think the new haircut is nothing like Old Lady Perm hair. I think it's funky, in the best possible way. I've always WANTED to be able to pull of a haircut like this - and you can imagine how that would go (I'd look like Orphan Annie).

Carrie K said...

Of course it'll grow out. You were thinking Louise Brooks maybe? It looks more Clara Bow but it does look good on you.

Yeah, personally, although my hair refuses to ever grow much past my shoulders, I can't stand my hair short.

arianna said...

i don't know, i think you have a really nice face shape, and no one was able to see it when your hair was longer. i think it's a good change (just to put my 2 cents in!). i'm sure you don't care because i don't know you in person (and therefore can't walk around going "come everyone, see how good Christine looks!" (that was kind of an Anchorman reference, but it was obscure, so i felt the need to point it out)), but i do really think it's nice. like all haircuts do, it'll change, too -- i like it, but if you don't right now, within the next few days it'll probably settle a bit AND you will grow used to it. hurrah! :)

Heather said...

Oh, forgotten sixteenth birthday, did Jake Ryan bake you a cake?

Great hair through the ages tour!

Don't fret about your new 'do, it is very fun. Although the best "what to do with shorter bobs" award has to go to Amelie she does quite a bit with those locks!

Titine24 said...

Christine - I am sorry you are not enamored with your new hairstyle. You are very generous to share your hair history, as well. I EM-pathize very deeply with you and your hair story. I have straight, fine, thin and greasy-every-morning hair. The worst styling cut I ever had was in a glamorous "Jacques de Sange" in Brussels. At first, all was serene. He gave me a great perm, I was so happy, and then he PROCEEDED TO CUT IT ALL OFF!! I was crying in the hair salon - I couldn't hold back, and I was linguistically handicapped and unable to explain how I hated what he was doing. Worse, he tapered it short in the back and longer on the sides in front. Worst of all, it cost me around $120 US when I had no spare money. It took a great while before I recognized myself. The shock does wear off eventually.

You have a very appealing smile and good facial structure - this cool-for-summer hairdo will show off your expressions, and then your waves will be back for the colder weather.

_Everybody_ forgot my 22nd birthday. No card, no call, no nothing. (Makes a person mature fast.)

Lissy said...

i gotta concur that you do have a touch of Amelie about you, which in my mind is the height of chic and adorableness.

I dig the 'do (note that I didn't call it a don't!). But it's not enough to say I like it. you gotta like it. So if you hate it, then go ahead and hate it. I think that's good for a person.

i once had a really botched haircut and the hairdresser had the nerve to say, well, it's just hair, it will grow back. How DARE he say that??? Hair is not loose change falling all over the floor that we don't bother to pick up cuz we're in a hurry. So i say, go ahead and grieve, but if you want to know what we think, it's going over big with us nerdy knitting blog types.

SP8 pal said...

I like the short cut too, especially the bangs. It's sassy librarian hair, not old lady perm hair!

I would love to have a short 20's bob hair cut as well, if I could tolerate not having long hair to hide behind.