Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let the restrictions begin!

Today I:

  • had a cup of darjeeling for breakfast
  • am having cucumber/avocado sushi, salad without dressing, and apple juice for lunch
  • am wondering if pickled ginger counts as raw food

Lunch is not very different today. I am not going to nit-pick about sugar (refined sugar is not vegan) so I'm going to call this sushi vegan. The salad definitely is.

So. Nearly half of this lunch is raw. Salad = raw, avocado and cucumber in sushi = raw. While neither of these are exactly fresh picked from the fields or organic, they certainly aren't baked salmon. The apple juice is pasteurized, so it's not raw, but I thought it would be a good addition.

I am placing an addendum on the Very Modified Food June rules: potato chips no more than once a week. Ouch, I know. But it's in my best interests. At least, that is what I am going to repeat to myself, over and over again.


Imagine a photo of the Opal boyfriend sock, two inches shorter than previously. This is not the Second Sock. It is the First Sock. I was ribbing on the arch of the sole for a better fit, only to realize I was missing the arch. I am actually making relatively good time on this sock so I am not going to cry or tear at my hair about it. (Besides, I'm at work, and they already think I weird enough, what with my Very Modified Food June and my boyfriend that doesn't make more money than me.)

Last night, I:

  • had a veggie panini (not vegan) and a soy hot chocolate (chocolate mix vegan? No idea.) at S'nB
  • added a chocolate chip cookie to that (definitely not vegan)
  • amused witnesses to my sugar overload
  • did not throw up or pass out at home, as I half expected to


Jeanette said...

I don't think potato chips count as raw. I had a little debate with myself about the appropriateness of potato chips today too.

Carrie K said...

Potato chips, not raw, but definitely vegetarian. Except possibly the frying oil.

Go Christine!

bitterknitter said...

Some refined sugar is vegan...I'd hafta go look up the brands, but I don't worry too much about it either.

I didn't do terribly much raw. I ate balanced today, so that is a start! I'm definately impressed with your modified food month...I think I will be shooting for July for myself and raw/modified.

Lissy said...

I am chuckling at the memory of your unique sugar moment and its effect on me. So what is the deal with sugar not being vegan? Sounds like not eating animal products just wasn't enough of a sacrifice and vegans are looking for more pain and suffering. Oy.