Thursday, June 29, 2006

What do you mean, there's no title block?

I can see it. Why not you?

Oh, wait. Maybe you don't have a mainline to my brain. That could be a problem, considering that's where the title block is currently being displayed. Trust me, it's a pretty knifty title block. It looks a lot like the one I tried to load, but couldn't.

I can't be bothered with things in reality today, they just aren't working out. However, in my imagination they are going just peachy: the kitchen sink isn't backed up with half a foot of black water, I'm not having veggie sushi again for lunch, I didn't show up ten minutes late for jogging this morning because of two faulty clocks, making it pointless to be up at 6 am. Yessiree, things are great in my head.

Which reminds me of the dream I was having before the &%$#@ alarm went off at whatever time it was. I was on a yacht cruising down a river that led to a marina on a fine, sunny, humidity-free day, and three realities co-existed at once. So there were three versions of everyone, sometimes slightly different, sometimes drastically so. For instance, the hero of this dream (my dreams sometimes move along like movies, with plots, shoot-outs, etc. I think of it as free cable.) existed as three people. I was involved in a romantic intrigue plot with all three at once, but not simultaneously. They were two fairly normal guys (one of which I spotted walking along the wharf up river, and another that had just left the yacht) and a merman. That's right! teh highlight of this dream was about a lean, green, and steamy merman. And he was all about terrestrial chicks like me. I hopped into the water.

And then I woke up. And I have no idea how the plot was going to work itself out. Or how a reality like that could exist. Any ideas?

Today I:

  • had a whole wheat English muffin with nutritional yeast and fake cream cheese with a cup of white tea for breakfast
  • could not brush my teeth at home
  • am eating sushi and chips
  • need a vacation. Possibly near the sea.


Jeanette said...

Glad that your sink is not backed up with black water. How on gods earth does that happen anyway? Your dream sounds pretty vivid, any idea what lead to it?

Christine said...

Possibly my sink backing up?

bitterknitter said...

Wait, so your sink is backed up with black water? That sucks if it is so, but J makes me think that it isn't so.

Maybe it is the rats. Did your kitty chase one of them down the sink?

Christine said...

The sink is very backed up. But not with rats.

Carrie K said...

Backed up sinks are horrid no matter what the cause is. Yuck.

Enticing dream! I love the three realities. No idea of what it could possibly mean other than you have a fabulous unconsious. Working on many levels?

I think a vacation is in order. Maybe a really long 4 day weekend? Is that possible/doable?