Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer Reading Project - Book Five

(SRP5) Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams (1992) 218 pgs.
The 5th and final book of the Hitchhiker's Trilogy, wherein dimensions are crossed and identities explored. This book was enjoyable, practically whizzing by in one sitting. This may not be his strongest work, but his light and ironic sense of humor is always a great antidote to the dulldrums. I wish he had lived to write more. A-


Lissy said...

Yer makin' me feel like a total loser by your prolific reading. I try to read and I fall asleep. Thank god someone in our group is holding up the standards of productivity on reading and knitting. I missed it. What is the summer reading project? Is it your creation or a group activity you're part of? Fill me in when next we meet.

Heather said...

Yes, he was VERY funny. It is sad how much more good writing would have been written.

Not too fond of the movie they made of Hitchhikers...

Great work on your reading list!