Thursday, March 09, 2006

Another pair of socks begun

Today I:
  • had a bowl of cereal with soy milk for breakfast
  • had half a pesto-mozzarella sub for lunch
  • also having veggie meatloaf for lunch (What? I'm hungry!)
  • am imbibing copious amounts of coffee

Wavy Socks

Last night at S'nB I began the second pair of socks for my mom. They're going to be a pair of Frankenstein socks - some of this, some of that, stitched together (and I don't mean entrelac!). Wavy scarf from Knitty meets Knitting Vintage Socks, basically.

I got this far before I called it a night.

Gratuitous cat photo

Yesterday, I:

  • tabulated how many times macho words are used in The Lost World to describe the main characters (virile-2, virility-1, masterful-3, commanding-2. This book is so gay, it doesn't even know it.)
  • had a bowl of mushroom bisque with croutons at the coffeehouse with a soy latte
  • ate half a pesto-mozzarella sub and a bag of chips at a lunch lecture on sustainable surface drainage
  • thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm just that kind of girl
  • liked the sub, too
  • fell asleep way too early


Jeanette said...

You know, Jameson (sp?) is too cute for words. Of course I could have a beautiful, fluffy, white cat bias.

Carrie K said...

No, I'm biased towards adorable gray cats and I have to say that Jameson (?) is gorgeous. No such thing as a gratuitous kitty cat shot.

That wavy scarf looks cute. Translated into socks? Sounds fun.