Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today I:

  • had no breakfast. I really need to do something about that alarm.
  • am having a seafood salad sandwich and small bag of Kettle Chips for lunch
  • am drinking coffee with sugar and cream (very bad behavior)
  • am not nearly as flighty as you may think

The IK ballet wrap cardigan is coming along. I completed the back at Jeanette's this weekend, then got a bit burnt out on the sleeve and started that Berroco wrap the next day.

The ribbing in this pattern is done on three different needle sizes, but I'm only using two sizes(US #11 and US #10). I had to buy some US #11 dpns just to start this cardigan since I only have the US #10's and some US #10 3/4's in my very fancy needle receptacle, a pasta jar. But of course I forgot to bring the US #11's. I brought everything but the kitchen sink, and those needles. So I had to borrow Jeanette's circular US #11's and make do. Luckily, I wasn't very far into my Comso so I had sense enough to start a sleeve, rather than one of the front pieces. I'm not particular about needle brand or composition - I'll pretty much use anything, provided it's straight. So you can imagine the scene.

Drinking. Cat gently snoring. Spring 2006 VK going around. Me, circular pressed to my gut, hoping it doesn't break, cursing. More drinking.

You can see why I started the Berroco wrap now, can't you?

Which, by the way, with about a half hour of crocheting and finishing will be done, finis. I was working away at it last night like a maniac. I'm the sort to face my fears. Or, as an old friend of mine said, I have the killer instinct. But in a good way. I cut right to the chase, no dilly dallying.

So now I know it is not a complete disaster. I tried it on late last night and the boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot liked it, said it was elegant.

Now we know: camouflage netting - Berroco Zen + Sirdar Breeze = Elegant

I can cancel my escape now.

Last night, I:

  • had ziti with pasta sauce and fake meatballs for dinner
  • drank a beer (1/2 beer + 1/2 beer = 1 beer, right? Maybe we shouldn't think about my methods...)
  • ate a handful of green olives
  • watched Music From Another Room


arianna said...

I missed your "I knit weird" post the first go-round, but I feel the need to make you feel better, since you did the same for me: I knit how you do. I think you are the only person I've ever "met" who knits the same way. I have been told I need a belt, too. That was when I first started knitting with other people (and every time that I start knitting with new "other people"). I was taught by my mother who I believe knits Continental; I think that I ended up just settling into a pattern of knitting with the right needle braced against my stomach because that was "easiest" at the time, and now I can't get out of it. I keep wanting to "untrain" myself, but I worry that I won't knit as well if I change my technique! But, I have absurd fears that this bracing-against-my-stomach is not a good thing for my ovaries. Oh well. I doubt I'll change. I tend to get stuck in my ways.

So: you are not alone. We can commisterate! :)

Also: Circulars & dpns are a bitch, aren't they?

And: I'm so glad I re-found your blog. I really enjoy your posts.

Lastly: I loved that movie, Music From Another Room! When it came out, I was all about Jude Law for a year or so there. I have since lost that osbession, but yeah. I thought it was a cute movie. Then again, I was 18 at the time, and I haven't seen it since then. So I could be very wrong...

Anyway, sorry for all the babbling! Keep up the great blogging, please. :)

Zee said...

I swear by circs. Just LOVE them! I love straight ones, too, but just a bit. And bamboo. I'm a Clover slut. ;)

Your project is going well. : Nice progress!