Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sibling #7

Today I:
  • had half a blueberry scone and soy latte for breakfast
  • thifted my senses away
  • had a cafe au lait and a chocolate mouse thing for lunch
  • ate tater tots for dinner
  • mailed Sibling #7 some fantasy books

A while back I made a deal with Sibling #7 that if she gave me a picture for my blog of her wearing the scarf I knit her I'd give her her name back. I was beginning to think it would never happen, but here she is:

Introducing Natalie. Natalie is named after our mother's oldest sister, Natasha. Natasha doesn't like her name, but Natalie is a derivative, so there you go. Indirectly, this makes her named after my mom's great aunt Nina, who went by the stage name of Natalie. She was some kind of contortionist. My mom was named after her. So who is Natalie really named after? Aunt Natasha, Great Aunt Nina, or mom?

Natalie has a photobucket album that already has several pictures of her and Sibling #5 on it, so I don't feel weird posting her without barring her face. She's already been seen. Isn't she cute? She's been talking singing lessons - from what? The age of five?- and she plays the guitar and draws darn good for her age. She's also got taste: she likes Terry Pratchett.

Note: Perverts, forget about it. Not only is she way under age, she's got three overprotective adult brothers and me, possibly the most dangerous of all: I hang out with lawyers.

Last night, I:
  • had tater tots for dinner (What can I say? They're good!)
  • had two soy White Russians
  • read Howl's Moving Castle
  • tried to write some
  • ate a lot of goldfish crackers, marinated mushrooms and olives along with half a Murphy's at a party at work
  • pawned off the other half of my Murphy's on Kasumi

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