Friday, March 10, 2006

Drinkin' 'n Schemin'

Today I:

  • had cereal and soy milk for breakfast. (Yay. Need more variety.)
  • am having Amy's Chili & Cornbread for lunch
  • wouldn't shake a stick at it
  • forgot my camera chord at home again

But all is not lost! I have Illustrator and Photoshop. Given enough time, I could entertain you for weeks with these programs.

I've settled on the layout for the Fair Isle hat for my dad. I did a search for Fair Isle images and found a color scheme (scroll down page to Fair Isle) that was close enough to what I had in mind for me to totally rip it off. (Can't say I'm not honest about this.)

I did not realize until yesterday how nicely a tree motif works up into a hat crown. I saw this hat yesterday and thought, "Well, duh!"

Thank goodness for search engines. I probably wouldn't have thought about that until I was about to knit it. And I'd be tipsy, to boot.

Which brings up...

Knit 'n Sip

I went boozing with the ladies from the North End S'nB meeting last night at an Irish pub. This is our second time, and I think it's going to be a regular, once a month thing. The lighting isn't bad in the bar we chose, tho' it was a bit difficult to get anybody's attention to make orders. I must say, one of the things I like about these sessions is that the fried food counterbalances the vodka tonics and fancy, spiked whipped-cream topped concoctions I tend to drink so that I am miraculously hangover free the next morning.

Or maybe it's that I couldn't manage to order more than two drinks in three hours?

We may never know.

Until possibly next time.

Last night, I:

  • had fish and chips with fries and coleslaw
  • drank... well, you know what I drank
  • finished reading The Lost World, which redeemed itself by showing that Gladys is a total putz

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Knitting Painter Woman said...

I wish there were a decent Irish pub near me. They are mostly just boozy and filled with people wanting to hook up or something. I'm hooked up, older and just want to pretend I'm in Ireland.
I like the sock pattern you've started... cables?
hope this doesn't post twice... I don't think it "took" the first time..