Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yo! Mystery Swap Buddy!

I'm participating in the Mystery Book Swap at Knit the Classics. This is my first swap, and must say I've already hit the yarn store to fulfill my receivee's wildest dreams.

(Here's a sneak peak. Are your dreams hazy?)

With that in mind, below is a list of what my wildest dreams do and do not consist of.


  • I like wool. I even like rough wool. I can take it.
  • I like cotton, too.
  • Oh, and bamboo is neat, I want to try that some day!
  • I bet silk is nice, even in blends.
  • I do use Lion Brand Homespun. I'm only a little ashamed. But it's not along term goal or anything.
  • I collect sock yarn. Someday I'll use it.
  • Eyelash yarn makes me twitch.
  • Alpaca is often involved in my more explicit fantasies.
  • I have no favorite color, because, technically speaking, black isn't a color, it's all colors mixed together. Or the absence of color. Or whatever. Green is nice.

Knitting Accessories

  • I'll only use circulars if I really, really have no choice. I'm a belt knitter.
  • I am a needle slut. I buy the cheapest thing there is, and you know what? I'm still happy.
  • Stitch markers make me insane. They are the enemy.
  • I use a cat-chewed sewing tape measure to measure everything. Sometimes. Paper is usually 8.5 x 11 and if you fold it in half it's almost 4", right?
  • How does one get a tam frame out of the tam? I really want to know.

Book Preferences

  • I am a mystery hound. I have read everything by Sir Conan Doyle, Sr., Agatha Christie, Martha Grimes, Elizabeth George, Anne Perry, and most the Brother Cadfael and the Inspector Morse series. Oh, yeah, and the Lord Peter Whimsey stuff. Been there.
  • I haven't read everything by Ellery Queen, ghost writer or not. But I am willing.
  • I like humor.
  • I like things set in Britain.
  • I don't like mysteries that are too contemporary. For instance, Florida PI investigates murder of socialite that turns into a connection to Cuban gangs selling crack or whatnot: not interested!
  • I like the '20's and '30's in particular.
  • I like Noir. But I've read everything by Dashiell Hammett. I'm prepared to give Raymond Chandler a spin.
  • Used books are okay by me.


  • I have the same view on cocoa content that I have on alcohol: the higher the proof, the better.
  • I am only allergic to cigarette smoke and bees. Be sure not to include them in the package.
  • No beef, chicken, or pork, either, but somehow I suspect that won't be a problem.
  • I only like coconut in soup. Or under a tree.
  • I don't like things too, too sweet, funny enough. (See the first line of this section.)


  • I like postcards. After all, I have ton of siblings to write.
  • I am not affiliated with any religion at the moment, Christian or anything else. Although I have been considering the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Thank you.

Just a book would be nice, too, come to think of it.


bitterknitter said...

I've been considering the Flying Spaghetti Monster too! But meatballs, yuck. Maybe if they were meatless meatballs.

For somehow, higher cocoa content chocolate is less sweet (and a bit more bitter) than lower cocoa content chocolate.

Titine24 said...

I like the same type of mysteries as you described, and I can do simple knitting _simultaneously_ if I have a good book weight holding the pages down. Have you ever read anything by John Buchan? (mystery writer of the 1920s and 30s). J. B. Priestley? E.C.R. Lorac? Marjorie Allingham? I can send you a few mesmerizing ones if you forward me your mailing address. The books may not be in great shape, but they have all the words in the right order. Important, that.

Christine said...

I am wild about Marjorie Allingham. So wild that I scour thrift stores for her books, because I can never seem to find them in chain bookstores. So far, I am sad to say that I have only read two.

The others I haven't read.

I am always a haven for worn books. I would send you my address, but I don't know your e-mail address.

Dipsy D. said...

Ah, I love this sentence of yours: "I have the same view on cocoa content that I have on alcohol: the higher the proof, the better." Yay for it!
I do share a lot of your fave authors, especially Elizabeth George, aren't her books fascinating? A British mystery author that I could recommend highly would be Peter Robinson - amazingly nerve wrecking stories!
Best wishes from Austria!

Carrie K said...

Hey. There are authors there I have never heard of and I like the same time period. And mysteries.