Thursday, March 02, 2006

Last Minute Gifts

Today I:

  • had cereal and white tea with soy milk for breakfast
  • am having an instant cup of noodles with Fritos and a banana for lunch
  • am swilling the coffee, of course

I got a Yahoo! warning this morning that Sibling #8 is having a birthday next Thursday. Sibling #8, you may or may not recall, is the one who I was going to make the Broad Street Mittens from Knitty for. You know, as a X-mas present. Those mittens I never could figure out the sizing to? Yeah, I suddenly remember those, too.

I never made them, and Sibling #8 didn't get so much as a card from me for X-mas. But it's not my fault. I asked her to measure her hands, even drew her a diagram, and she never did. Maybe I could have made her some fingerless mittens or Voodoos or something, but I had a lot of other relatives to tackle and somehow I forgot to get around to it. Shucks, Sibling #6 didn't get her present until Feb. practically, and Sibling #8 should know it, because she lives with her.

Am I going to throw together a hurry-up present? Finally make those mittens?

Uh, no. Not with how my wrist has been feeling lately. (I've been resorting to crocheting rather than knitting lately for the change in hand motion. See Above) Even if I didn't have to mail it 2000 miles, a week would be pushing it. This is where the comic book addiction comes in handy. Genetics are an interesting thing, and amongst the nine siblings I have there are three lefties and three artists. (This makes sense, since Mom is a leftie and both my parents are artistic.) Sibling #8 is one of those artists. Over the past year I have been running a campaign to corrupt her with Sandman comics and acrylic paint. (Really, somebody's got to do it. It's what I would have wanted at thirteen.) She's taken to it like, well, a skater-goth girl to Neil Gaiman. I didn't even have to give her a hard sell. I'll just call her tonight and ask her which Sandman graphic novel I haven't bought her, and presto! My gift problem will be solved.

Yesterday, I:
  • had cereal and white tea with soy milk for breakfast
  • had half a tuna salad sub, a bag of pretzels, and a cola at a free lunch lecture
  • ate a cheese and veggie panini with coffee at the S'nB meeting
  • graciously gave the bag of Fritos and banana I would have had for Second Breakfast to my feverish boyfriend/ partner /whatnot
  • drank some kind of weird "vanilla cream" tea

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