Monday, March 20, 2006

Bad Book! BAD!

Today I:

  • had a cup of soy yogurt for breakfast
  • am having a veggie microwavable fake meatloaf for lunch
  • scored a bottle of grapefruit juice from the OKC

I made the mistake of reading a pretty godawful romance novel yesterday, Husband Wanted by Charlotte Hughes. (Sorry Charlotte. Just trying to make a living, right?) I think reading so much Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels may have distorted my perception of what is acceptable reading. All those harsh reviews of romance novels should have warned me, don't you think? Well, I remembered too late that romance novels are not literature, but porn for women. Often, bad porn.

I'm not saying the sex wasn't hot. I suspect it was. But I skipped over it for the most part because I hated the hero, the arrogant, insensitive bastard. If the heroine hadn't been ridiculously, carnally infatuated with him, she probably would have been able to file a sexual harassment suit and won. That is, if she had the spine to stand up for herself. This girl was a formula for martyrdom - got pregnant when she lost her virginity, gave the child up for adoption so it could have better life, spent 15 years selfless devoted to caring for her dying mother. When we meet her in the story, she is going to be reunited with her long lost child and is working as a waitress at a dinette with taking night classes. And get this: she never had sex again after the pregnancy. Until she meets the sexual harasser. Obviously, a callous philanderer is the perfect candidate for a foray into sex again, right?

I haven't been this annoyed with a heroine since reading Bad Heir Day. I just wanted to smack both of them.

And the worst thing is... I've read worse.

Last night, I:

  • read the before mentioned book
  • had stir-fried seitan with kim chee on a toasted bagette with mayo and lettuce (doesn't everyone?)
  • had a cup of rice milk chai
  • could not get to sleep for the life of me because of that chai

PS: The shrug/capelet sizing is based upon the circumference of your upper arm. You just increase until it fits. It worked out fine for me, but I do wonder how that'd come out for other sizes.

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