Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hide and Seek

Today I:
  • had a bowl of cereal with soy milk for breakfast
  • drank a cup of coffee
  • had a banana for Second Breakfast (Really, I am becoming far too predictable)
  • am eating two burritos and a bag of Fritos for lunch (surprise, surprise!)
No real knitting to report today, I'm afraid. I am pathetically behind on my FLAK sweater, and I've apparently chucked any schedule I had developed for myself. I've all but forgotten most of the knitting I was going to do for my numerous relations. I am becoming a hedonistic knitter, only doing what is enjoyable. The Wavy Sock isn't so bad, so my mom is definitely getting one sock for her birthday. (Well, the week of her birthday, that is.) I think I might finish the second one around Mother's Day. Everyone else can just go ahead and look forward to next year, if you know what I mean.

Hide and Seek

I suck at blogging. I don't mean about consistent posting or photos or whatnot - I think I'm treading water there - but I am just not techno-savvy, nor do I have an overwhelming desire to be so. My techno-desire is sporadic, at best. There are so many kinks in this blog, it should be x-rated.

For instance, the Read more! Maybe. Some of you may have noticed this at the end of each post. A while back I posted some creative writing and gave it a span-cut so that I wouldn't have to see it and cringe all the time. But the span-cut doesn't work properly, even though I followed directions. Even if there is no cut hiding more text or photos, the tag to read more appears at the end of a post. And only at the end, not even where I made the cut. What to do?

Well, this is what I'm doing: I am trying to work it for what it's worth. Which is why I added "Maybe." Sometimes I will be adding behind the cut, and sometimes I won't. I've already started doing this. What I add may or may not be relevant, because I'm like that. I'm going to be playing Find-the-Post with you all. Because goodness knows I need the entertainment.

Last night, I:

Are you tired of photos of Jamieson yet? Because he doesn't seem to mind.


bitterknitter said...

I've got the techno stuffs figured out (enough for what I need anyway), I'm just not terribly good at the consistent posting or including photos part!

Cute kitty, as always! Great way to make use of an interesting quirk.

Carrie K said...

I'm picking up stuff as I go along, I haven't even attempted the truncated "read more" bit so don't feel bad.

Your capelet looks great! As do you. Bad pic, phhht.

Zee said...

I tried to comment yesterday for the longest, and when I did, I don't think it went through. Blogger has been acting up so much lately. Not funny.

I've never looked at the CSS or HTML files for blogger. The 'read more' thing may very well be a tiny thing. Usually is. ;)