Thursday, March 16, 2006

Coffee and waves

Today I:
  • had cereal with rice milk for breakfast
  • got coffee at Lulu's again
  • don't have any idea what I am having for lunch


This bakery did such a soft opening that I didn't even know it was happening until it was open a couple days... and I live two doors down from it. I think it may have been helped along by the fact that it's a hole in the wall with no street level signage. I only spotted it because of the decor. Can it really get any cuter than this without using a lot of pink? I've been getting my morning coffee there every morning on the way to work because of this decor. The coffee is priced like at a coffeehouse ($1.40 for a small drip coffee) but it seems to actually be that grade, rather than Coffee-Like (A sub-species of coffee that has so little in common with quality, fresh-brewed coffee that it falls into an altogether different classification system. It can be found at convenience stores, gas stations, and many workplaces.)

It is also high in caffeine. How do I know this? Well, my coffee intake has dropped from three or four a day to one, for starters. And my boyfriend/ whatnot/ partner got a coffee there the other morning and was spinning out of control until about 10pm. He's pretty sensitive to caffeine- goes through an entire personality change- so he won't be going back there any time soon. Of course, he says it's because the place is too "bright" and that they looked at him funny (He says this about everyone. Hell, I looked at him funny when we met.) but I think the truth is that that coffee whooped his butt.

Wavy socks

I'm still making 'em. I'm a couple rows from starting the heel, and unless I can think of a way to make it wave symmetrically as it comes onto t he foot (fat chance) that's where the waving is going to stop. Which means if you're going to follow my lead on this wavy sock business and don't want to adapt it yourself you really only need the leg and can use whatever kind of heel or toe you want. You could even use this toe-up, it's just a pattern repeat.

I cast on 60s using a ribbed cast on, which is just a cast on where some of the stitches look knit and some are purls. No big deal. You don't need to do it. I chose 60s because the wavy pattern is 6s wide.

Because this pattern is knit in the round, you will sometimes experience a jog of one purl stitch to the left or right when you make shift at the beginning of a row, i.e. you will only p2 or p4 between k stitches instead of p3. My sock is 28s = 4"/10 cm, and at that gauge it isn't remotely noticeable.

At the right is a chart I whipped up on Illustrator for those of you who are graphics savvy. Need I say more?

For those of you who have not embraced The Chart, I've got some line-by-line instructions for you.

Cast on a multiple of 6s using your preferred method.

1: *k3, p3, repeat from * until end of row

2 & 3: knit or purl as set

4: p1, *k3, p3, repeat from* until last 2s of row, p2

5 & 6: knit or purl as set

7: p2, *k3, p3, repeat from * until last 1s of row, p1

8 & 9: knit or purl as set

10: p3, *ks, p3, repeat from * until last 3s of row, k3

11 & 12: knit or purl as set

13: p2, *k3, p3, repeat from * until last 1s of row, p1

14 & 15: knit or purl as set

16: p1, *k3, p3, repeat from * until last 2s of row, p2

17 & 18: knit or purl as set

Repeat rows 1 through 18 until piece measures desired length.

Last night, I:

  • had a mozzarella and pesto panini with a soy latte at S'nB
  • drank a beer
  • bemoaned my slow writing progress

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Lissy said...

Love it, but when I see you next, please explain that warning about fewer purls again, this time in idiot-proof terminology. ;)

I love that pic of Lulu's but since I don't drink coffee or eat baked goods, I may just pass by there and admire the decor some day.