Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Today I:

  • had a bowl of cereal with soy milk for breakfast
  • ate a banana for Second Breakfast
  • gave my laundry to my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot so that he can drop it at a laundromat for me
  • forgot my lunch at home
  • remembered the camera attatchment

Priorities, eh?

Knitting Diet

Resting my wrists is turning out to be virtually impossible, largely because I use them all day at work. I suspect that is why it is taking so long for them to feel normal again. What irks me most, I must say, is that this is not really the Knitting Olympics' fault. I was only feeling a little tightness across the back of my hands in the last couple days of working on Lara. But I am organizing construction documents at work... endless piles of construction documents... about fifty pounds a day of construction documents that I am punching holes in, then systematically sorting into binders in an attempt to reign in the chaos. I admit this was my idea. And it's looking like a good idea. But it's rapid, repetitive wrist and arm motion. All day. And the next. For breaks, I work on the computer.

You see where this is going.

Kitty Teapot

Doesn't everyone need one?

This verges on cute to the point of nausea. I'm not usually a cute advocate - being a petite blond most of my childhood, I fought it ruthlessly - but I do approve of it for medicinal purposes. That my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot saw this in a free box in the foyer of our building and brought it home - along with two shot glasses with drunken, pink elephants on them - is truly bizarre. That he washed it and seems to like it is even weirder. (This is a guy who thinks khaki pants are effeminate.)

Other finds

Very bright, very busy 100% lambswool sweater vest I scored at Goodwill this weekend for something around $4. I know I've often said that I can't really wear pullover sweaters or vests because of my need to adapt to my microenvironment, but I'm changing my mind. Most of the sweaters I want to make right now are colorwork pullover vests, and I do own a pullover sweater. I like it a lot. But then, it's just a boxy, red tweed stockinette v-neck sweater. Simple.

Attempts at creativity
I bought yarn to make my dad a Fair Isle hat for...um... whatever holiday I finish it around.

This photographs much better than it looks in person. Or maybe it just looks like hell at home because I live in a dungeon. I don't know. I got five colors (dark gray, light gray, dark mossy green, light green, yellow-green), which may have been a mistake. I probably should have bought four or six so that I wouldn't be confused about what color to repeat with the 5th color. The only section I really like so far is V-pattern in yellow-green and dark gray on the bottom. I wanted a tree motif because my dad lives in redwood country and used to be a logger, but now I'm considering just making the entire hat out of small abstract patterns. I'm also not happy with the dark gray and light gray backgrounds abutting each other.

What do you think? I haven't done fair Isle in about five years, so opinions are welcome.

Oh, and I doodled this square bird and some... I don't know what they are. My boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot says they look like rabbits.



Jeanette said...

That is indeed a cute teapot. In the picture the fair isle looks quite lovely, in a masculine sor of way.

Carrie K said...

The Fair Isle looks good.

That teapot is a little scary looking, but then I'm a flowery or utilitarian teapot kind of girl. Well, really, coffee.

Rabbits? Robin-turtles?

Zee said...

Fair isle looks great!

Rabbits.. yeah, I can see that. The one in the back looks like a guinea pig. Are they swimming? :)

wenders said...

I love the teapot (I sort of collect them) and I want to see the shot glasses, as I also collect elephants, AND I LOVE the square bird. Maybe they're guina pigs?