Monday, March 06, 2006

The Weekend In Brief

Friday, I:

  • went out to dinner in Chinatown and had the "meat" and taro with brown rice
  • decided I need to rest my wrists for the weekend
  • didn't do laundry
Saturday, I:

  • had a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee with soy milk for breakfast at the coffeehouse
  • scored a wild knit vest at Goodwill
  • had something or other for dinner, I'm pretty sure...
  • drank three beers with whatever I was eating... probably pizza
  • agonized over not knitting
  • watched About Schmidt and Elizabethtown
  • started reading The Lost Word by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • bought some real Shetland wool for a Fair Isle hat
  • didn't do laundry

Sunday, I:

  • had a bagel with cream cheese and lox with coffee at the South Street Diner before going to the MFA
  • had a bag of chips and a soy latte while planning a Fair Isle pattern
  • doodled a square bird
  • made corn chowder
  • was given a cat teapot and shot glasses with pink elephants that my B/P/W found in a free box
  • watched Broken Flowers
  • had Chinese food for dinner
  • ate half a pint of chocolate-fudge Ben & Jerry's
  • didn't do laundry

Today I:

  • had a cup of soy yogurt for breakfast
  • took pictures of the square bird, the cat teapot and a Fair Isle pattern swatch
  • had corn chowder and a banana for lunch
  • am drinking too much coffee
  • forgot the download attatchment to my camera at home
  • have to do laundry

1 comment:

bitterknitter said...

That laundry!

I had soy yogurt for breakfast and a banana with my lunch. I tried the Whole Foods burritos, they are really good, I'll add them into the rotation with the Trader Joes burritos (I think TJs gives more calories per dollar though).

I can't wait to see the vest you scored! And the pictures of the cat teapot and elephant shot glasses.

Back to studying, I'm at the coffeeshop if you are bored and your wrists are feeling better (I'm fairly certain there is yarn in my bag!).