Friday, March 24, 2006

Hi! I have no yarn standards

Today I:

  • had an onion bagel with veggie cream cheese for breakfast (Friday bagel club)
  • am having a Vending Machine Lunch
  • am drinking coffee in moderation
  • am noticing a predilection on my part to cheap yarn

I am riding on such a high from how fast and easy that shrug was that I have started another project using Wool Ease Chunky. I love the project, it's something I really need - a warm, dark gray cardigan to match all those gray slacks I wear - and I even had the pattern laying around, because I don't just hoard yarn, I hoard ideas, too - but Wool Ease? True, the colors are great, it's stretchy and fluffy and... well, not exactly the stuff of yarn snobs.Maybe I should just fess up and admit that I am not a yarn snob. I do, after all, have two Homespun hats that I sometimes wear. Okay, maybe I wear one or the other of them every day. So we know that I am not above that. But even though I can sidle up to a bin of acrylic discounts with an eye to purchase doesn't mean that I don't know good yarn. I know good yarn. I just can't always afford it.

Also, I have this knitterly conceit going on that a good knitter, a determined knitter, a knitter who doesn't know the meaning of the phrase, "Maybe that's too hard, since you've already tinked it five times", can use any yarn to create something that's at least passable. Something true yarn snobs maybe won't know for what it is right off the bat.

This is not a challenge to send me icky yarn, by the way. I'm not saying perseverance and stubbornness and calculation always works. Dumb luck and blindness to my own faults are key ingredients to my knitting style, I think. That's right, I may be knitting the tackiest shit anyone has ever seen and be completely ignorant of it. But I don't think so. I think it's going alright. I mean, look at the above progress shot. Isn't that a nice gray? Isn't that ribbing showing up well? This is going to be a nice cardigan. I'm a little itty bitty person, so the chunkiness around the waist in the design probably won't be a problem. And because it's Wool Ease, if I suddenly realized at the end of a charrette that I'd been using it as a napkin all day, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Just gross.

Not that that's the plan. But you know, these things happen. To other people, of course.

Last night, I:

  • had tofu cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and mushrooms for dinner
  • drank a soy White Russian
  • finished reading The Bride Wore Black


wenders said...

You are giving me the urge to stay home tonight and cast on for something new. I have nothing I 'need' to knit and now want to knit everything in my stash. Fab. ;)

Heather said...

nice pattern! where is that one from? Good yarn is whatever makes you happy, I didn't think I'd like working with fuzzy-red Elmo stuff, but I did! live & learn!

Zee said...

And just where exactly did you drink a soy White Russian??

Christine said...

My kitchen, of course!