Thursday, March 23, 2006

Let's do lunch

Today I:

  • missed breakfast - both of them!
  • didn't bring lunch to work
  • refuse to go outside for anything less than love, money... or going home
  • am having breakfast for lunch

Today's lunch is deserving of some photographs. Not because it's exciting, but because it is probably to most blase lunch I have had all year that didn't come entirely from a vending machine. I am so impressed by this that I must share it, just in case you don't believe me.

The peanuts are pure Vending Machine, but the sour dough bagel with cream cheese is something I scored from the OKC about a half hour ago. (Sorry about the bite, I felt like I was starving to death all morning.) The O'Soy is Second Breakfast. First Breakfast is this:

Savory Vegetarian Bread Pudding from Lulu's.

Yes, I finally caved and got something besides coffee there. The problem, I've realized, with getting my coffee every morning from a bakery is that the place is full of sweets. What makes this rather obvious fact a problem is probably the opposite of what you'd expect in this situation. I'm not on diet. At least not for sweets. My fat intake nemesis is cheese, and my sugar usually comes through coffee. It takes very little willpower for me to resist cupcakes. Which means, until this morning, there was nothing at Lulu's for me to eat.

Last night, I:
  • had a mozzarella and pesto panini with a soy latte for dinner at S'nB
  • started the heel flap on the Wavy Socks
  • wrote plot outlines
  • drank a beer

1 comment:

bitterknitter said...

I'm going to have to get over to Lulu's to try the coffee sometimes. The tea was good, but I'd rather drink coffee.

I tried the Stonyfield Farms Soy yogurt and didn't like it. Whole Soy (sold at whole foods) or even Silk is so much better IMO. Then again, I never ate real yogurt much to remember what yogurt is supposed to taste like so maybe the SF is closer to dairy yogurt?