Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bracing myself

Today I:

  • had tea for breakfast
  • ate a banana for Second Breakfast
  • am having honey baked salmon, rice pilaf, and salad for lunch
  • am drinking green tea

When I was in Junior High I was introduced to Jewish holidays through one of my friends. Yom Kippur especially sticks in my memory, since it involved her mother whisking her away from school practically the moment the bell rang so that they could go home and eat before sunset.

Today feels a bit like that, except I am not limited by sundown.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Very Modified Food June.


Lissy pointed out to me that chocolate has caffeine in it. Tea and soda* do as well, but I don't drink soda and I am really not all that keen on tea. So my caffeine intake is much lower than previously, but not eliminated. Which is fine. I am not quitting caffeine. The No Coffee/No Alcohol for June thing was slapped onto the program for the sake of my stomach, which has been complaining lately. Whether it's the coffee and alcohol, I don't know. But I would like to know how it feels to have these things restricted.

Boyfriend Socks

Progress is happening, and he still doesn't know I'm knitting them. I have little less than two weeks to finish this sock and make its mate. Last night, I:

  • had a panini and a soy steamer at the coffeehouse for dinner
  • drank a hot chocolate
  • had some of the leftover weird nachos
  • wrote some
  • knit some

*The kind with corn syrup. Not the fizzy water used in mixed drinks.


Jeanette said...

Tonight is the final opportunity for a binge! I am not entirely sure that I am ready for 100% raw. I will be using true bread and true hummus at least for this week. Then let the raw begins. Good luck to us all!

Carrie K said...

Good luck! You'll probably feel a million times better.

Two weeks is plenty of time to finish up the socks, even surreptitiously, unless, of course, you spend loads of time together. It's looking good!

So what are you planning on having by midnight tonight?

wenders said...

I am impressed with your commitment. I think I could give up something like... cod liver oil. Which I've never had. ;)

Heather said...

good luck with your modified June! That is quite the list. Love the socks!