Monday, May 15, 2006

Double Duty

Today I:
  • had a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, lox, and broccoli spouts
  • picked up coffee on the way to work
  • am having cucumber/avocado sushi, a big salad, apple juice, and a banana for lunch

Revised Red Hat
I got the boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot to try on the Father's Day hat because his head is bigger than mine, and he promptly pronounced it to be too shallow. So I picked up stitches around the edge and added a 1x1 ribbed band. Now it is much better, as you can see from the blurry picture below.


Siblings #1 through #3 are all Taurus' (Tauri?) like me. Our birthdays, actually, all fall in the same week. Sibling #2 is the day before me, Sibling #1 the day after me, and Sibling #3 three days after me.

You can imagine the parties.

Or rather, one party, and two cakes, with candles at either end. It's a little like having your birthday fall on Christmas or some other such holiday, because it's never really just about you.

Fortunately, Siblings #4 through #9 have birthdays that have nothing whatsoever to do with mine. They were born in other months, which at this point just seems weird to me, as if being born in May is the only real option.

My dad is also born in May, so the Father's Day hat is going to do double duty, just like those birthday cakes.

Last night, I:

  • had two bowls of veggie soup
  • drank a glass of wine
  • had too much coffee
  • ate yet another salad
  • ate some tater tots
  • had some walnuts
  • was basically eating myself into oblivion
  • got the gas oven relit (whew!)


Jeanette said...

That is right, being born 31 years ago yesterday would make you a taurus. It is the best sign, isn't it?

Christine said...

Of course. :P

wenders said...

I concur. :)

bitterknitter said...

The hat looks great. My mom's b-day is on x-mas, we make an effort to keep it distinct from x-mas, but it is hard without actually celebrating one or the other on a different day.

Carrie K said...

Don't be silly. Despite what my brother thinks, August is the best month.