Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ribbon may not be the enemy

Today I:
  • had tea and a croissant for breakfast
  • have functioning programs again!
  • am dying to go grab some lunch

Ribbon Tam
Not so bad, eh? Ribbon can be good... (said in a cautious tone) Making this tam caused me endless problems, but it wasn't the yarn's fault. I wanted to make it from only one ball of ribbon yarn, no more. I had to keep switching patterns and needles and starting over until it looked like that would happen. It was very close.

Pattern: Sabrina Tam from Knitscene Fall/Winter 2005

Size: One size fits all

Yarn: Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon Yarn in "Taupe Stripes" (112)

Gauge: 12s= 4"/10cm on US#11 dpns

Modifications: Where to begin? The first thing I did differently was the yarn substitution, of course. Then the needle size change. And I did a backward loop cast on which I sewed up when all was said and done with the cast-on tail.

This pattern is worked crown-down, which is a bit awkward on 5" US#11 dpns, let me tell you.

I was already running low on yarn by the time I was decreasing for the head-opening, so instead of working a knit row like instructed, I went straight into a 1x1 rib, then cast off. I was a bit concerned the tam might be too shallow, but it's just the way I wanted it, and the ribbon is very flexible. I enjoy looking at the texture. I think I'll use this stuff again.

Boyfriend Scarf
This is a hasty snapshot of the blocked scarf on the recipient, who was having trouble standing still. Something about having to go to school or something. Well, at least now you know it lays flat. He is quite happy with it, even though it is just in time for summer.

Last night, I:

  • had nachos for dinner with some mineral water
  • knit some on the boyfriend socks
  • went to bed at 7pm

I've been making the mistake of looking at crafty blogs lately. This is a mistake because not only does everyone have 1) sunlight, 2) space, and 3) inspiration, I have 1) The Cave (aka my apartment, 2) no space, or rather, I have had no space for so long that it is seeming like space, and when I go into other people's apartments, the space there gives me vertigo, and 3) massive, disorganized clutter in my head. I sooo do not have a French Country style bedroom displaying a brand new quilt, or sunlit windowsills graced by lilac blooms. I don't even have clean laundry.


Carrie K said...

The tam came out really nice. I love the boyfriend scarf.

Sounds like you're feeling better! I dragged Adrienne out for Mexican food last night. Yum.

Lissy said...

i LOVE that scarf. You are such a lucky duck that your boyfriend will let you knit him such magnificent things. Looks great. is great. Congrats. Tell me, did you pick up stitches on one end and then sew it together, or knit an identical second face and sew them together? I have a scarf that will require a similar backing. Do tell.