Thursday, May 18, 2006

If you ever go to Frisco, wear a flower in your hair

Today I:

  • had some snow peas and a fruit bar for breakfast
  • ate a banana for Second Breakfast
  • ate a vegan enchilada for lunch
  • broke down and added a bag of Fritos to that

I know progress shots of slow projects are not exactly the epitome of excitement, but still. I have a photo.

It grew an inch! It is now 2 1/2" long! Whee! And (most important of all) I have struck the banding. The fun never stops here at Crisis of Praxis, let me tell you.

Actually I am really enjoying this stocking. We'll see if I say that mid-calf, but right now, in the present state of things, this is fun.

Perhaps my definition of "fun" is questionable, but what do you say we let that pass for now?

Last night at S'nB I finished the Boyfriend Scarf. What a load off my back. My boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot was quite shocked when I showed it to him. This weekend I am going to wash and block all nice-like, as it should be. The dang thing, all told (not counting labor and emotional trauma) cost over $60. Yep, 300% more than any sweater I have made. It's pure merino.


I'm not terribly erudite on this subject, but it is a passing interest of mine. When I lived in California I wasn't very interested in American dialects - it was more about British vs. Scottish vs. American dialects, etc - but once I moved to the East Coast the dialectic differences in the US became glaring to me. Traveling through the South, I had to have a waitress at a Waffle House translated for me. And in Pennsylvania... Well, I could understand people most of the time, but that doesn't mean I liked what I was hearing. In my stubborn Californian way, I still think Tuesday shouldn't be pronounced Tuesdee.

I was cruising through a site on California dialects - something I had always hoped to come across - and confirmed once again that I am Northern Californian, not Southern Californian. Because (for those of you who have never been to California) there is, like, you know, a difference, dude.

For instance, I grew up referring to San Francisco as either (rather unimaginatively) "San Francisco" or "The City":

"We've got a hella long weekend coming up. Are you going anywhere?"

"Yeah, I'm going to The City to buy a bead curtain."

"Oh, dude. I wish I could go to San Francisco, too."

People from other parts of the country, notably Southern Californians, tend to call San Francisco "Frisco". Sometimes with a sneer.

A big bell went off in my head when I came across that factoid. You see, my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot, who is from Philly and says things like "wuhder" for "water", but is otherwise pretty Standard American English, calls San Francisco "Frisco".

And it bugs the living hell out of me.

Yep, I'm definitely Northern Californian.

Last night, I:

  • had a baby spinach, strawberry, and blueberry salad with no salad dressing courtesy of the OKC
  • had a milk chocolate, cashew, and caramel thing courtesy of the OKC that was... um, well, really big
  • ate a panini at the S'nB
  • drank a soy latte


Jeanette said...

Yo! You got a problem wid whudder? I am amazed that you didn't mention/pick up on the fact that people drop the g's in philly big time. Also a whole conversion can be Djeet? No jew? and everyone knows that the question was Did you Eat, with a response of No did you?

Carrie K said...

There was also a concerted effort to stop calling San Francisco "Frisco" by those who equated it with rough and tumble wharf rat days sometime around the 50's/60's and wanted to "genteel it up." But that said, it's really The City.

The banding? Whoo! Finished the Boyfriend scarf? Hoo!

But really, you should be doing the important thing. Writing another chapter. Two, in fact.

Jennifer said...

I am so irritated when people say "Frisco" as well. My father in law (a So Calite) does it to annoy me. I refer to it as the City too.