Friday, May 05, 2006


Today I:
  • had a croissant and a cup of coffee for breakfast
  • braved the Great Outdoors in search of lunch (It's 73 degrees Fahrenheit today!)

Wavy socks

So I broke down and bought some US #2 (2.75 mm) bamboo dpns last night. Even though the Wavy Socks are being knit up at a lower gauge and on a larger needle than the Flower Power (red/orange/green/cream) Socks they are taking forever to make. The yarn is a little stiff, but it doesn't offend me, and the pattern is just purls and knits, etc. - no YO's or p3tog's in sight - so it must be the needles. I was using Susan Bates'. Perhaps aluminum is too heavy at 2.75 mm's?

I think that assessment was correct. I did about 2 1/2" on the sock last night, and I wasn't just knitting. I was also doing a substantial amount of reading. I am not some wunderkind who can read and knit at the same time - I can barely drink and walk at the same time - so one or the other was stopping for the other every now and then. With that in mind, I've made a lot of progress already.

I finished the first foot of the Flower Power Sock. Look at this triangle! I am in love with the Star-of-Three-Points toe. It's a deep toe, the pattern beginning 30s from the end, but it is nicely rounded and fits well. (This, BTW, is a picture of it on my hand.)

Plus, it just looks knifty.

I do seem to still have a problem with gaps right before my left side gusset decrease, what would normally be a ssk. I converted to a sl2 knitwise, pass to left hand needle, k2tog tbl, making sure to pull it tight, but to no avail. I am screwed.

If anybody knows what the solution to this problem is, please let me know. I have solved the Gaping Crux at the Top of the Heel Flap, even the Holes Where I Pick Up Stitches on the Sides of the Heel Flap, but this Gaps Before Sort-of SSK's is really killing me. I might even resort to just doing a k2tog, but I don't want to if I can possibly avoid it.

The weirdest thing is, any other time I do an SSK (or that other thing), such as on a toe or a sweater, THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.

*soft whimpering sound*

Last night, I:

  • ate a lot a tater tots, scales be damned!
  • drank some mineral water
  • knit and read, of course
  • performed the Spring shave*

*I did mention I'm Californian, right? Northern Californian, not Southern Californian. Which means I have some independent ideas about femininity, esp. when there isn't a chance in hell of me going bare-legged anywhere when it's below 70 degrees F outside.

Too much information? Oh, well, then nevermind.

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bitterknitter said...

I did a quick pre-interview shave, but haven't done a proper spring shave yet. It will happen as soon as my leg is healed up since I won't be showing them off with a huge bandage (mole removed, stitches are out now!).

It was easier to shave when I had a tub.