Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today I:

  • had a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, broccoli spouts, and lox for breakfast with a cup of white tea
  • am having two bean and rice burritos for lunch with whatever else I can scrounge up

The Boyfriend Scarf

I started this so long ago that I should link to it so that you all know what I'm talking about. This is the scarf I made for my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot based on his specs. At the time, he did not care if it had any backing. Of course, being stocking stitch, it curled like crazy. He wore it for months anyway, but always just sort of casually brought it up, you know. It was bothering him so much that he even suggested a canvas backing.


The past two or three months has been wearing my very nice black alpaca checkerboard scarf in lieu of the scarf I made for him. This has been to buy me time. I have been knitting 6' of stocking stitch to sew onto this scarf. I am incredibly enthusiastic about this project, as you can well imagine. I'm rather inclined to just make him another scarf instead of doing something so tedious, but when ever I mention something I could knit up for him, he always says, "I'd just be happy with a scarf." And I know what scarf he is referring to.

In the below photo you see a haphazardly folded scarf with backing not quite attached. The backing is simply picked up from the edge, so really this is a 12' scarf with 6' of plain black.

The idea of sewing it al together makes me want to do almost anything else instead. Which brings me to what I cast on last night.


That's right, campers, I am knitting stockings. The Lady's Practical Stockings from Knitting Vintage Socks, to be precise. I just happen to have about 8 balls of KnitPicks Essential in "Grass", so I cast onto some Us #0 (2mm) bamboo dpns and let it rip, so to speak. Only two more feet to go! Yay! Then I can start the second one.

Last night, I:

  • devoured a bag of peanuts during the walk home
  • had a bowl of veggie soup, a salad, a couple grape leaf things, and soy White Russian for dinner
  • drank a little water, too
  • added some snow peas as an afterthought
  • read some more from the Tea book
  • knit


Jeanette said...

congrats on getting through with the backing! Do you think you will use your new heel method for the stocking? Is this your lingerie-a-long project?

Jennifer said...

A canvas backing!! OMG, how funny.