Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sock Oh How I Love Thee

Today I:
  • had a croissant and coffee for breakfast... when I wasn't knitting socks
  • am eating a sticky bun, a bag of Fritos, and a banana for lunch (it could be worse!)
  • need to recharge my camera battery
  • am obsessed with a sock

I started a sock out of KnitPicks Sock Memories in the Flower Power colorway just to see what it would look like and now I am lost. I can't knit anything else. I think what got me was that I haven't knit merino wool socks before (so soft!), nor have I made anything out of such retina-burning colors. It fascinates and horrifies me all at once.

I have three skeins of this colorway and I am determined to use it all. This would be a great time to get back to learning the toe-up sock, only... I am still somewhat traumatized by my past attempt at a short-row heel. I also like the variety of toe and heel styles offered by knitting cuff-down. Until I figure out the exact mathematical formula for working, say, a star-of-three-points toe and a Dutch heel in reverse, I am a cuff-down girl. Which brings up the weird thing I am doing.

I did a provisional cast-on four rows before my heel flap. I'm mid-foot right now. Once I get both feet knit up, I am going to pick up those stitches and work up the legs of both the socks (on dpns) until I am out of yarn.

The words "convoluted thinking" come to mind right now, but let's not talk about that.

Don't forget to take the Reader Poll if you haven't already. Hell, go ahead and take it again, anyway!

Last night, I:

  • met The Bitter Knitter for a pre-meeting meeting
  • had a "asparagus strata" (quiche meets bread pudding?), a bag of chips, and a soy latte for dinner
  • drank a glass of wine
  • wrote 500+ words ("Good girl!" Pat myself on head.)
  • knit
  • forced my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot to feel all my socks, poor man


Jeanette said...

I think that you provisional cast on idea was a brilliant one. Sorry I couldn't join you guys last night.

bitterknitter said...

I think wine actually improved the sock knitting when I got home last nite (after reading 2 chapters of maths at the coffeeshop). Wow, 500 words! Good job!