Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Today I:
  • had a croissant and coffee for breakfast
  • am having leftover pesto pasta salad and a bag of Fritos for lunch
  • am experiencing some powerful nostalgia via the rain

This is the yarn I got last week to make a summer tank top. (There's actually a couple more skeins, take my word for it.) It's a nice blue. I want to start on it, but there's this little problem a called UFO's.

Not knitting

I bought a potted bamboo thing. I should know the name of this, but I don't. I'm a terrible Sinophile, I know. I have always wanted one of these.
This one has less frogs than the others.

Last night, I:

  • had tofu ravioli with vodka sauce for dinner
  • drank a little wine
  • considered getting back into the SCA, much to my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot's discomfiture


Jeanette said...

There is always room for more projects on the needles. Think of it this way, they reduce stash and take up less space.

Christine said...

Gosh darn, you are so right

Titine24 said...

This is a response to your cry for assistance to be rid of the holes that appear in otherwise progressing normally socks. The secret I have learned is to make a new stitch before the going on to the left side, and then a few rows afterward, k2tog using that one to make that extra one disappear from the stitch count. It is cheating, but it does work, and you cannot tell by looking at it, which is all that counts. Hope this helps.

Lovely blue color for the summer tank top. Perhaps you could make starting the summer top be the "carrot" that gets you to finish one of the other UFOs that doesn't have adequate pressure on it?