Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why did I even get up today?

Today I:

  • had tea for breakfast
  • am avoiding coffee
  • am frustrated

I have FO pictures, but I can't edit them because the Photoshop program on my work computer is crashing. The tech already came by and alledgedly fixed my crashing issues, so only half the programs on my computers are doing this. It is very unfortunate that they are not quite the half I want to work, but then I suppose the tech doesn't understand my blogging priorities.

Allergic or something or other

I don't think I had the flu last week, because I was down with it again yesterday. I started my Monday vomiting. Yay.

And no - for those of you out there thinking, "A-ha! I know what that is!" - I am not pregnant. I also don't think I have a virus. I think it may be a food allergy or stress or something. Too much coffee, maybe? The possibilities are endless. Fortunately, next month, the possibilities are limited. I am actually kind of looking forward to Very Modified Food June, believe it or not.

The up side of this is I can make lemonade from lemons: I am almost done with next week's episode.


Top Secret Secret Pal 8 Project #2 is technically begun, even though I still need some tools. I forgot to take a picture of the first TSSP8P. Drat.

The Deco Ribbon hat is done. It's my Knit the Classics Project. I'll post the details on it when I have decent photo, but I must say I am quite happy with it so far, even though it took three tries to make it. I was determined to not buy a second ball of ribbon because I knew I would have too much left over to just disregard, and I already have enough going on in my head and on the needles without a problem like that. When I cast off on the hat, I had about 2 1/2" of ribbon left. Very close call.

Now I have a ribbon habit. I bought another ball of ribbon Thursday when I should have been making certain I was getting everything I needed for TSSP8P#2. I couldn't help it - the ribbon matched my coat, which is burnt orange. That's not an easy thing to do, so there's my excuse. I'm going to make a summer scarf.

I cast on a sock last night, surreptitiously. It's a boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot sock, the navy blue/light blue Opal sock yarn I got from my Mystery Swap Pal. I've never used Opal yarn before, and so far it's okay. I'm just making a basic sock with 15 rows of 2x2 ribbing at the cuff; I want to get this done as quickly as possible for his birthday mid-June. He doesn't use computers, so the only way he'll find out about this project is if he sees me working on it. I took his foot measurements months ago, and I've got at least two evenings a week where I'm away from him for three or more hours when I can knit it.

Yesterday, I:

  • was sick. You caught that bit, right?
  • had a bowl of oatmeal with honey and soy milk for breakfast
  • had some strong coffee
  • made nachos
  • wrote
  • crocheted a little


Jennifer said...

Maybe you did have the flu last week, but your system hasn't fully recovered. A friend of mine had this problem where she'd get the flu, think she was better, then be throwing up again a week or two later. Her doctor said that she needed to give her system more time to rest, so she went on a mild diet for a few weeks to clear it up.

Carrie K said...

I hope it's that and not a new flu. The flu sucks.

At least it'll make avoiding caffeine easier.

Can't wait to see the Deco Ribbon project. I can't believe June is next freaking week.