Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sick, but crafty

Today I:

  • had a croissant and coffee for breakfast
  • went home sick before lunch
  • hit the LYS on the way

Okay, maybe the LYS isn't on the way home. But it is only a little out of the way. I bought a searing red ball of Cotton Ease to make my dad yet another hat for Father's Day, a ball of Crystal Palace Yarns Deco-Ribbon (Color 112), and a set of Susan Bates aluminum needles that range from 1.5 mm to 2.25 mm.

I already cast on the the Father's Day hat as a means of avoiding the Mother's Day socks. (Quite apropos, when you think about it, as far as family dynamics go. I have already resigned myself to not having the socks on time, anyway. Not that I am completely avoiding them. I've already done about an inch on them since I got home.) The hat is just a ribbed beanie.

The Deco-Ribbon I almost feel guilty about. Does it count as novelty yarn? I'm going to make a hat with it. I'll post pictures when I am done and then you can all let me know if I have totally lost it or whether is was a brilliantly inspired, original move on my part.


And I always need more sock needles. Even though I recently (last night) said that I hate aluminum dpns. This is where I insert the qualifier. I hate aluminum dpns when they are heavy, and when their wooden/bamboo counterparts are just begging to be broken. 2 mm and below are okay as aluminum dpns. So, Wenders, I am rounding up my US #2's and US #3's for your pleasure, because they certainly aren't mine.

Last night, I:

  • had a panini, a bag of chips, and a soy latte at S'nB
  • had some chips with awful fake sour cream and onion dip from a can while watching Wes Craven's Invitation to Hell
  • learned that the movie title was not lying. It was hell.
  • drank some chamomile tea


Jeanette said...

you can't be all that sick if you are still able to hit a LYS :-p I don't think that the Deco ribbon looks like novelty yarn.

wenders said...

I wonder if I could use your dpns to get ALL my sock yarn on needles at the SAME TIME?? ;)

Hope you're feeling better...

Carrie K said...

Father's Day. That's how far away? I should try to finish the vest I was knitting for Dad for Christmas/his (jan) birthday by then.

Why does the Deco Ribbon being a novelty yarn or not assauge or induce guilt? I can't figure it out.

What's wrong with the SCA?

Feeling better yet?