Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Imagine a hat

Today I:

  • had a croissant and coffee for breakfast
  • am seguing Second Breakfast smoothly into lunch
  • am having a banana, half a tuna sandwich, and some pesto pasta salad for lunch
  • am being thwarted by Blogger

I crocheted a sun hat this weekend. I even took a picture of me in it this morning. However, Blogger will not let me upload it. Perhaps later I'll pop the photo in when I can. (I have resorted to Flickr.)


For now, the specs:

Pattern: my own

Size: that of my head

Yarn: slightly less than 100 yds. of JP Coats Speed Cro-Sheen (size 3, 8 ply) in Vanilla. (I imagine any sport weight yarn will do.)

About six years ago I used to whip out hats in crochet thread all the time. Berets, beanies, snoods. Patterned and plain. I guess I'm getting back to my roots now. This hat is a slight departure, however, because I never made anything with a brim. This hat is kind of like cloche-meets-bucket-hat. I made it in response to the sunny weather we were having last week. I needed something to keep the sun off my head while I walk to and from work.

Of course, now it's raining.

But I love the hat. Crochet is super-quick and it looks good at a small gauge in hats (even if I do say so myself.) Crochet thread is also cheap. I used mercerzied cotton so that my hat would be a little glossy. I think I'm going to use this same yarn to make a summer purse to match.

I think I'm also going to make one more hat as a refining process. If anybody is interested in the pattern, let me know, and I'll work it out for ya.

Wavy Sock

Wavy Sck Progress Shot

I finished the first sock!

Now I only have fourteen more inches to go on the second one.

To quote my boyfriend / partner/ whatnot this morning at breakfast, "You can do it; you're a Gold Medalist."

Yeah, well. I suspect for Mother's Day I'll be emailing a photo of socks.

Yesterday, I:

  • had a croissant and a coffee for breakfast
  • had half a tuna sandwich and a salad for lunch
  • scarfed a banana during the walk home in my **new** hat (Oh, the excitement!)
  • thought about next week's episode
  • knit on a sock (you know which one)
  • ate an eggplant parmesan sub with an Italian beer while on my laundry date


bitterknitter said...

I'd be interested in crocheting a brimmed hat, but I'll probably need a lesson in the stitches and shaping more than a pattern. Maybe I'll swing by Windsor Button today or tomorrow and get a roll of thread and hook (what size do I need?), just so I'll be ready.

Jeanette said...

The hat looks great! How did you brim ridge work for you?

Jennifer said...

Very cute hat!